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Created by Veronika Prueher-Pilsl
Created on Sep 1, 2022

Add FADs in standard Connect approval WF

The standard Connect approval WF only approves (and therefore versions) the model where the WF was started.

This is fine as long as all the information needed for the process is maintained in this single process.

But lately more and more customers are working with BPMN models, where information concerning risks, responsibilities etc. is not maintained in the BPMN model itself, but in so called FADs. When approving the process, the information of the FAD is not included in approval and in versioning and is therefore not available in portal.

Therefore it would be good if it was possible to somehow include FADs in approval WF (for BPMN AND EPCs).

  • Milan Slivka
    May 17, 2023

    Yes this is a big problem and showstopper for us. We would like to use the Approval mini workflow but when we add something to a FAD via satellite modelling or directly and ask for model approval of the main process flow the workflow does not include the FAD.