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Created by Joost Vandewiele
Created on May 7, 2024

Applying "change view" in a BPMN model should NOT restructure the design

On the ARIS Connect portal, it is possible to present objects in a BPMN model (right below the process step) that are designed in a Function Allocation Diagram that is assigned to that process step. This function is named "change view" and is available at the bottom of the screen when visualizing a BPMN model on the portal. It is a handy way to visualize objects in the BPMN model that are related to process steps, but which do not belong to the BPMN methodology.

BUT: when applying this "change view", the objects and even lanes are moved around for a totally unclear reason. This causes a lot of confusion for the users. Due to this rearrangement, some objects are at a different place and connectors are different. Although the connections (start - end) do not change, the view is sometimes very different. A neat and clean design becomes confusing to overview and read.

The only thing that should happen is the creation of vertical space to place the objects. It is no problem at all if a process connector of the BPMN models passes over such object that is called by the "change view" functionality. The ordering of the objects and the lanes should not be changed.