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Created by Jörg Neves Bliesener
Created on May 14, 2024

Check knowledge about processes with quizzes in ARIS GRC

Regulated businesses need to prove that their employees know the processes they execute. The "Rean & Understood" confirmation workflow is an important step in this direction.

However, there are quite some situations where clicking the "Confirm" button is not enough. Employees must actively demonstrate their process know how.

ARIS GRC allows to define surveys that can be rolled out to a number of interviewees and calculate result scores. This could be leveraged to build a quiz workflow where users would have to go through a series of multiple choice questions to demonstrate their correct understanding of associated process.

This would then be a valuable asset in process auditing and organizations could prove that their employees have not just clicked the "I understand" button, but have a true understanding of the process.