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How can we make ARIS better?
Status Open for voting
Created by Frank Irrgang
Created on Mar 27, 2024

Free selection of used filter via. the ARIS Connect UI

At the moment it not possible for a user to select or change the filter, that is used by the ARIS Connect UI. This UI is used for the distribution of quality assured standard business process models and also for IT internal modelling, that is quite less restricted. Quite a lot of users serve multiple roles and it would quite helpful if the UI would enable them to select the filter, that they need for the current role. The use of the fat client is a quite cumbersome kludge. Many user do not need the full functionality of a fat client, because just view or comment models. Some of them may perform very minor changes. So adding this feature would avoid the installation of many many fat-clients and it would definitively increase the acceptance of ARIS.