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Status Open for voting
Created by Laimonas Mulys
Created on Apr 9, 2024

Possibility to increase/decrease size and customize "greeting message" component in Aris home page


  1. add option to increase/decrease size of "greeting message" component in Aris home page. Now its really too big and static and not possible adjust size of this "greeting message" component in Aris home page.

2. make frame where stated "You are accessing: database" width bigger to fit longer if database/repository names, because now if the database is longer, simple full name of repository is not visible. ends like in e.g. "You are accessing: Database_Nam...v".

3. Space in middle of "greeting component" could contain optional TEXT BOX, where Aris key users or administrator could enter important information to all Aris portal viewers, about upcoming events. See screenshot