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Lack of Auto-save or Alert Feature in Questionnaire Page

Hello R&D department, we have identified a limitation in ARCM at questionnaire page. When interviewees start answering questions, the platform does not provide an auto-save or alert feature. This results in data entry effort being lost when th...
Rakan Omar 5 days ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Request for Enhancement - Comment History in ARCM

Dear R&D Department, We have recently discovered a limitation in the ARCM systems related to comment history. Currently, it is possible for users to override comments written by other people on task notes, and there is no history of the previo...
Rakan Omar 5 days ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 1 Future consideration

Simplify Risk Review interface

For risk assessment, we propose generating a table-like interface that includes the following columns: Risk Name, Risk Owner, Owner's Evaluation Date, Process, Inherent Probability, Inherent Impact, Reduced Probability, Reduced Impact. The risk re...
Ariel Carrizo 11 days ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Make ARIS Connect glossary able to scroll horizontally

Some users have smaller screens and when you are trying to display many properties in the glossary you need more space than you get on a small screen, so being able to make the catalog scroll horizontally could give us the space required to displa...
Bennet Moeller 13 days ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 1 Future consideration

Make ARIS more open in order to get own content easy extractable

Most products have an open database structure. ARIS has not (yet)... We have an urgent need for some kind of data warehouse and a flexible solution for reporting for which we are now developing labour-intensive reports in the ARIS Architect.
Arnout Westra 17 days ago in ARIS Technology & Platform 4 Future consideration

Custom Link for Issue Collection Tab in ARCM

Hello R&D team, We have identified a limitation in the current product that we would like to address. Our customers have requested the ability to have a separate tab for Issue Collection, with a custom link such as HTTPS://<ARIS>/arcm/is...
Rakan Omar 19 days ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Removing Information Bar

we found that the information bar on the right can be confusing for our customers. As a potential improvement, we recommend removing the information bar ( the right side bar on task page ) and adjusting the role feature to enhance the user experie...
Rakan Omar 21 days ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Improving User Role Management in the System

Hello, I would like to bring to the attention of the R&D department a limitation that we have discovered in the system developed. Our customers have expressed a desire to have the ability for a (survey review ) to have the same privileges as a...
Rakan Omar 21 days ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 1 Will not implement

Define one user as "Main responsible user" of an ARCM user group / ARIS role

Within a user group of multiple users in ARCM, the main responsible person should be identifiable. When having multiple tasks of similar name/titel it is necessary to identify, who is the main responsible person for which task and who is his/her r...
Sabine Runge about 1 month ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Compare models side by side as a viewer

On Aris Connect as a viewer I would like to be able to run comparison side by side between models, not only marked on the screens as currently we do have, this comparison must be extensive to versions and variants
Gabriella Faieta about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer PRO 0 Future consideration