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Allow derived BPMN models to be edited

Hi, Sometimes in clients they require specific custom models that are very similar to BPMN but with a few modifications (adding one objecto/custom object, connection,...). In other models like EPC, this is simple since it is possible to just deriv...
Fernando Martinez-Jorcano 1 day ago in ARIS Basic & Advanced 0 Future consideration

Make model properties 'Connected model' available in ARIS Connect

In ARIS Architect/Designer when you click in the model properties you can see a property called 'Connected model'. This shows a list of all models where the selected model has been assigned to an object occurrence. This functionality should be ava...
Carmen Jacobs 16 days ago in ARIS Basic & Advanced 0 Future consideration

Rename the standard/default database to something other than "ARIS Cloud Basic" for ARIS Advanced edition

The name of the standard/default database for the ARIS Advanced edition is "ARIS Cloud Basic", which is misleading and causing confusion for users. Please rename it to something more generic. e.g. "ARIS Cloud Repository"?
Norman Lee 21 days ago in ARIS Basic & Advanced 0 Future consideration

Action button for enhancing a selection

An action button widget can be used to set a filter (selection) in a dashboard. The current behaviour (in SR20) is an overwrite/replace of all set filters in the analysis. The should be an option that an action button enhances the current selectio...
Guest 29 days ago in ARIS Process Mining SaaS /  Process Mining Platform 0 Future consideration

Report API connected documents of an object or model

At the moment its only possible to get the linked models or objects from an ADS document via report API: Report class ADSRepository - Method getStakeHolder getStakeHolder ( ADSDocument adsDocument ) we also need this information vice versa: which ...
Michael Schmitt about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Add “select all” option in dialog box in APG workflow

If select all check box is enabled QA,PA and PO can approve/reject all model at a time.
Lakshmi Adusumilli about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Server/Enterprise Server 1 Future consideration

Format Painter Needs to Function Between Open Model Tabs

A really useful feature of the Aris Architect Client (java download client) is that the Format Painter to change Objects visual appearance works across/between Multiple Open Models. It would be very helpful to have this same feature in Aris Connec...
Michael Hubbard about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Re-use of values available on questionnaire instead of survey schedular task

As an user, I want to be able to re-use the values which were entered in an existing Survey (DPIA) for the purpose of reusing existing DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) answers. This will allow me to save time and effort in creating new DPI...
Pascale Wessel about 1 month ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Spreadsheets don't appear in ARIS Connect Designer

Spreadsheets don't appear in ARIS Connect Designer,it is only available in the Connect Viewer. Please add it to Connect Designer as it is very critical for our Team.
Ashraf Esmail about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Simplified maintenance of translation in operating elements

Currently, the maintenance of translations in dialogs and outputs in reports or in the APG, as well as in UI "masks" or in the process board is very time-consuming. We have to maintain 29 languages here. Therefore, we need a design option for the ...
Hubert Warsitz about 2 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Server/Enterprise Server 0 Future consideration