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Multiselection attributes

It would be good, if there was an attribute where multiple values could be selected, instead of creating multiple value/bool attributes. And therefore maintaining only one attribute instead of many.
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

central management of fragments in ARIS

Fragments in ARIS have to be managed and distributed to other users as files. It would be great if it was possible to manage fragments on the server, centrally for all users.
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 2 Future consideration

UI with better readability (Font size up-scaling)

Hello,I would like to propose the new User experience feature which allows to enlarge font size of UI and mainly items in Explorer tab and navigation (Database, groups, models and objects). The font is for people with glasses to small and Windows...
Daniel Mašek 6 days ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Make ad hoc analyses and queries available in Connect

Ad hoc analyses and queries are currently only availabe in the Architect. Thus, it would be really helpful if Connect designers could access published ones as well in Connect.
Veronika Ellermann 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 3 Future consideration

Version control support for reports

If you develop reports it's extremely hard to keep track of multiple versions or compare versions. Support for a version control system is becoming a necessity. Please add support for GIT or SubVersion.
Guest 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 1 Future consideration

Scripts & Macro version control

Hello Could you please consider introducing Script & Macro versioning control, including functions as follows: managing versions, capturing last change date&time, capturing last user, ability to integrate with modern third party version co...
Guest 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Future consideration

Create and manage Spreadsheet model with a script

Hi, Now we can create Spreadsheet models manually with drag&drop, copy&paste or via Queries and Ad-hoc analysis.I see a lot of potential use of spreadsheet model at our customers but building it in usable form still takes some time. Gettin...
Rok Sobocan 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Get warning when changing object that has occurences

If you have an item used in another model and change that item it would be good if you got a warning. As it is now, the change just goes through. This can cause problems in the other model, especially if it is not your own. To avoid this, you nee...
Guest 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Clean up and analysis tools for method and conventions management

As an administrator I want to clean up old customized model types, symbols and attributes. It is difficult to determine the impact of deleting a customized item. We have a lot of customized items which are never cleaned up, because people are afra...
Theo Padding 3 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Page View Count: visitors and owners have the ability to see how many people have visited a page

Measure what you Manage: One of the main purposes of ARIS pages is to be read by users. The page view count is a simple indicator regarding the potential success (or failure) of an ARIS page. The page view counter is a standard feature of most CMS...
Klaus Dörner 6 months ago in ARIS Basic & Advanced 1 Future consideration