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PINNED AI/ML features integration
like clustering, outliers detection, key influencers, predictive results with classification algorithms this would support Root-Cause-Analysis
PINNED Spreadsheets - generate dashboard link
I really like the webbased spreadsheets in ARIS 10 SR24. Please also enable the generate dashboard link option via web similar to the option in ARIS Architect

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Calculate duration between given date and today's date

The automation (e.g. daily) for (re)calculation should include such use cases by default. Maybe a dedicated timespan calculation so that no further configuration is required (maybe filter on status) aside from specifying the start date. In additio...
Nicolas Ballarin almost 3 years ago in Process Mining 0 Planned

ARIS Connect UX Improvements

For better UX: Customer would like an option to hide Model Overview in Diagram tab using SSC (not via XML configuration). Rasied by Petronas with 1,000 concurrent users. There is an existing Brainstorm ticket 09536 also raised by other customers. ...
Maik Szmatulewicz about 3 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 2 Planned

Additional mini-workflow - Validity management

Maybe merge with EMEA60, EMEA57 An EMS is typically extension of QMS (and hence ISO requirements apply), so management of the validity of content should be a basic feature. Functionalities: trigger of review + clear visualisation of 'expired' cont...
Ricardo Passchier about 3 years ago in Governance Workflows 0 Open for voting

Workforce enablement - ARIS included in corporate search (Sharepoint/intranet)

Customers would like to include ARIS content when users search on intranet. Today the 'EMS information' is taken hostage inside the ARIS portal, where the base portal for employees is the intranet (which ARIS will never be able to replace, but cou...
Maik Szmatulewicz about 3 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 1 Open for voting

Lightweight ARIS simulation

Lightweight simulation facility. While ARIS has superb facility in this respect, it is also costly and complex. A relatively simple report script with simulation results for a single model would be very useful. No need for graphical animation, jus...
Enrique Bertrand about 3 years ago in Simulation 0 Open for voting

Ad Hoc Analysis

Adding Ad Hoc analysis capability to the web clients
Eric Roovers about 3 years ago in Content Analysis & Reporting 0 Open for voting

Simulation capability for Web Clients

Adding simulation capability to the web clients
Eric Roovers about 3 years ago in Simulation 0 Planned

Offer percentiles like 95%

In addition to being able to calculate / represent the mean and median (ie for the case duration), being able to do so also with different percentiles (ie 95%)
Guest about 3 years ago in Process Mining 2 Open for voting

Apply a time constraint to an activity sequence filter

Hi, it would be useful to add time constraints in activity sequence filtering, so we can for example filter by an activity eventually followed by another but in less than xx days or more than yy days/hours. Now, this can only be achieved creating ...
Guest about 3 years ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting

New App: Variant Analysis

This is another idea on how we can make sense of large amounts of variants (see also ARISPMIYU-I-20): a standard App available for Variant Analysis. Assume we have a date set with 1000 different variants. All these variants differ from each other ...
Roland van de Ruit about 3 years ago in Process Mining 2 Open for voting