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PINNED [FIXED] How to: share your ideas
Here you find an overview of how to share ideas, vote, get updated on your ideas and the workflow until one idea becomes a feature and finally is released.
PINNED Enable navigation on Diagram in new Factsheet
With the new factsheets a Diagram preview is available. Many users try to click the objects in the diagram preview in order to navigate. Instead the users will have to first go to the Diagram tab and then navigate. I would like to be able to navig...

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More intelligent dialog designer

With the current dialog designer, it is impossible to create complex dialog views and create a design that behaves in a natural way. It's constantly juggling between customer requirements and abilities of the designer. The behavior of the dialogs ...
Edwin Verstraeten over 2 years ago in Governance Workflows 0 Planned

Display of Model Versions for Connect Viewer

In an important project of our institution, software development accesses models from a ARIS database, which is also used for further technical work. Software development uses versioned versions of the models and therefore only has ARIS Connect Vi...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 1 Planned

Catalog - Configure content included in Catalog

The Catalog feature in ARIS Connect has good potential, but is not very useful to us unless it can be configured. As a default, it includes Roles, Business Processes, Documents and Systems. It would be really useful if we could include additional ...
Cameron Bradbury over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Planned

Satellite modeling like view for ARIS Connect Viewer

End user/viewer of the content would benefit hugely from having the satellite modelling like view in the ARIS Connect portal. This should have been enabled since day 1.
Guest about 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Planned

Make SAP Test Management attribute: Business Process Test available in ARIS

In SAP are two attributes available within the Test management categorie: 'Test Case Assignment Type' with the values 'Additive' or 'Exclusive' 'Business Process Test' with the values 'End to end test not required' or 'End to end test required' Th...
Karin Wolters over 2 years ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Planned

Allow multiple reference models per data set for conformance check

A single data set might contain distinct process executions based on a certain attribute (Document type, Product Group , Workflow etc) In these cases a single reference model to run the conformance on is not sufficient Ideally we would be able to ...
Roland van de Ruit about 3 years ago in Process Mining 1 Planned

User audit logs

As an admin, I'd like to evaluate the users log ins/outs What user logged in / out when ? This becomes important, if there is a security incident on the customer side.
Guest over 3 years ago in Process Mining 0 Planned

Implement an announcement paragraph

Hello Team, We have a request from our customer for an announcement message to appear on the Connect Start Page. Some like the one in the Collaboration, but to be visible on the start page. It also should be easily manageable (to be edited and sto...
Guest over 2 years ago in Technical Administration 0 Planned

Customization of Documents Tab

Many Customers that do xml customization for their ARIS Portal are interested in utilizing the Documents Tab provided in many items' factsheet . The fact that we cannot customize it makes us most of the times to end up disabling it . We would like...
Vassiliki Spentzou 4 months ago in Publication & Collaboration 2 Planned

Visualize thresholds + goal accomplishment

Feature Description Add the option to add Thresholds/Targets to measures in the various charts Reason Customers want to know how certain metrics compare against targets. Visually (red, yellow, green) as well as in absolute terms (goal accomplishme...
Roland van de Ruit about 4 years ago in Process Mining 2 Planned