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Status Planned
Created by Malcolm Powers
Created on Feb 3, 2022

Create role objects or lanes for role swimlanes downloaded from Solman

ARIS does not synchronise information with Solman that will create Role objects in ARIS

Downloading the Solman content, it has the BPMN diagrams that are ‘Role’ type in Solman, however ARIS does not recognise them as Roles and does not create Role objects. Therefore all the ARIS Connect functionality supporting a role based process is not working, such as RACI, role based highlighting/filtering etc.

It means the Solman process diagrams need to be re-created in ARIS to use Role based swimlanes, and these will thereore have to be variants of the Solman diagrams, and therefore manually maintained as they will not update upon ARIS/Solman synchronisation.

I feel this is an oversight in ARIS rather than a brainstorm for future functionality. Any clarity will be greatly appreciated.