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PINNED Thumbnails for Video Links
For better user experience and adoption it would be nice if a thumbnail was created when inserting a Video Link. This should show up e.g. on factsheets, steps view and maybe even in mini factsheets.

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Proper print fuctionality - not workaround with export graphic or hidden report

We are getting really tired of asking for a better printing functionality! Our colleaguesaka users, who work in ARIS Connect (be it on a daily basis or once a month) regularly call/email/walk-inbecause they are desperately looking for the print fu...
Guest about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped

Enable Model Comparison for 'previous version' and not a specific version

For model comparison it is only possible to set it up for either Workspace, Last Version or a specific change list. In a situation where 'Last Version' is published this doesn't allow for users to see the changes since the previous version except ...
Jesper Loell about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 1 Shipped

Sorting of Itemlists in tables

In Connect in Overview of models there is the possibility to create tables, that can contain various information on objects or models. It is possible there to provide columns containing attributes (e.g. description) and itemlists (e.g. list of mod...
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped

Availability of group path as property in Connect portal

For some use cases it would be necessary to have a property that would show the group path of a model or object. For example it would be interesting for the responsible person of specific objects to be able to determine where those objects are sto...
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 3 Shipped

New factsheet - Table view (hide if emptY)

Would be great if the Table if empty is not visible similary to other tiles like list view or text view.
Milan Slivka 8 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped

ARIS API - Database search/find with user-defined attribute

In version ARIS 10 SR7 it is not possible to use the ARIS API database search/find method with user-defined attributes. ARIS API method: GET /api/databases/{dbName}/find All of our customers use user-defined attributes, therefore we urgently need ...
Jens Heylmann about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped

Dear ARIS product manager. It would be very useful to be able to save searches and be able to reuse and share them with other users. As a result, you do not have to set up the search function every time and you increase the ease of use for viewers.

No description provided
Hendrik Ohler over 1 year ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 2 Shipped

Search for the model of interest

In the collaboration, we can directly search for a model of interest through keyword search.
Guest about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped

To enable filter option within document catalogs tab

We have filter option in the ARIS Home page. However we do not have any filter option in the document catalog tab. It would be helpful for the users in easy search for the respective document, when there are large number of documents available
Pavitra Vidhyadeesh over 1 year ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped

Predefine Table tab in Connect using SSC

At the moment the Table tab for processes in Connect consists of 2 columns in standard. The Table tab can only be changed by xml configuration. It would be good to be able to change the columns of Table in SSC.
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl over 1 year ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Shipped