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PINNED Use right-click -> open in new tab/window in ARIS Connect portal
Hello, This request is about being able to choose "open in new tab" / "open in new window" when doing a right click on a navigation link within the portal (in factsheet, catalog, search result,...) For example, from the overview page of a model, w...
PINNED Make all ADS document versions visible, more than one deletable at once
Currently, only the last 100 versions of a document are displayed in the ADS. We sometimes have more than 1000 versions of protocol documents. We would therefore like to be able to display all versions, 100 units are sufficient for each page. We w...

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Repeat and loop metrics

Currently there appear to be no pre-built measures available in the Process Mining apps that allow the user to quantify the distribution or contribution of repeated activities, whether immediately repeated (looped) or repeated at any other stage i...
Paul Fenton 5 months ago in Process Mining 1 Open for voting

Case wait time (cases with activity end timestamps)

One powerful analysis measure that does not currently appear to be available out of the box is 'Case Wait Time' for cases with activity start and end timestamps. Expressed simply, this is the amount of time that elapses during the overall duration...
Paul Fenton 5 months ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting

Alfabet interoperability: Improved attribute handling

Requirement: having the possibility to map Alfabet info directly to a values attribute. In current implementation of the A2A integration, information from Alfabet can be mapped to ARIS text or date attributes only. In Alfabet, drop-downs (valuelis...
Koen Maes 5 months ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Open for voting

APG substitution for user assigned task

Substitution should work according to the below table: Assigned to Group of allowed delegates filled Substitution Usergroup Usergroup User No Default Role User Yes Group of allowed delegates
Edwin Verstraeten 5 months ago in Governance Workflows 0 Open for voting

Filter Selection on Single Measure Labels

Labels as single measures are often used in Apps. Unfortunately it is not possible to use them for filters. It's always needed to go via the generic filter where the measure needs to be found and selected. How about allowing to start/manage the fi...
Jens Nitzschke 5 months ago in Process Mining 3 Open for voting

ARIS reporting - model.graphic method extend to hide assignment icons

Customers pointed out that the assignment icons for all the objects make the model graphic less readable when exporting the ARIS model graphic into external documents. They also don't serve a purpose as the reader can anyway not use them for navig...
Koen Maes 6 months ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Create hyperlinks within the content of a text attribute

Hello, It would be great to be able to create hyperlinks within the content of an ARIS text attribute with ARIS Connect Designer / ARIS Designer/Architect. Ideally the creation of hyperlinks could also be done through an ARIS report. Uses cases: •...
Nicolas Choppin de Janvry 6 months ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Filter License usage dashboard by license type

Hello, In order to enhance the readability of the license usage dashboard (Administration / charts / users) it would be good to be able to filter by license types. The reason is that if a license type has a very big number compared to the others, ...
Nicolas Choppin de Janvry 6 months ago in Technical Administration 1 Open for voting

Configurable home page per user group

As different users are interested in different kinds of information stored in ARIS, I would like to be able to have unique home pages per user group. This might be difficult for users that belong to multiple groups, but I think this could be solve...
Aron van Stiphout 6 months ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Enhanced Audit Log

As far as im aware in ARIS Architect and ARIS Connect, we can track any login activities for an account from successul logins to logout timestamp. But up until now, i haven't see any audit log that's capable to track down any changes made by a use...
Maulana Bagoes Ibrahim 6 months ago in Technical Administration 1