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PINNED Enable navigation on Diagram in new Factsheet
With the new factsheets a Diagram preview is available. Many users try to click the objects in the diagram preview in order to navigate. Instead the users will have to first go to the Diagram tab and then navigate. I would like to be able to navig...
PINNED [FIXED] How to: share your ideas
Here you find an overview of how to share ideas, vote, get updated on your ideas and the workflow until one idea becomes a feature and finally is released.

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Force subscription to Stream or User in ARIS Collaboration

When ARIS administrator wants to notifyALL ARIS Users about some maintenanceworks on ARIS Server broadcast E-MAIL is needed. ARIS users have e-mails but there is no possibility in ARIS Connect to collect them allfor notification. P.S. Similar as a...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Do not always redirect to the default tenant

Currently if you acces the web interface just by server name (e.g. http://localhost) you will always be redirected to the default tenant or sub pages of the default tenant (e.g. download client). This is fine for singe tenant systems but not for m...
Sebastian Huber over 2 years ago in Technical Administration 1 Open for voting

Miniworkflow Approve content fails while lock model

Precondition: - there are 2 models, both use same objects as occurrence copies - start "Approve content" on model1 - wait until human task "Approve content" is reached - start "Approve content" on model2 Result: workflow fails at function "lo...
Guest over 2 years ago in Governance Workflows 0 Open for voting

Add more bulk operations to the UMC usermanagement

Currently there is no easy way to edit users / user groups in bulk inside of the UMC (except for the mass deletion of users and user groups). You have to edit every single user / user group individually. If you have to do the same tasks for a lot ...
Sebastian Huber over 2 years ago in Technical Administration 0 Open for voting

Automail to new users, created by LDAP

When new users are created in ARIS administrative area an mail notification is sent to the new user with its credentials. These mails are also customizable. But when a new user is created via LDAP there is no message flow by design. We would like ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Technical Administration 0 Open for voting

Add blue bars to bottom and side of VIewer screens for moving around in a model

I work with several viewers who a) don't use a mouse, and b) find it difficult to see the "white on white" box for scrolling around a model. As one with editing access, I alsoMUCH prefer the blue bars on the bottom and side of the model. The model...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Extend Report component interfaces -> UMC getSessionsForUserName() and getSessionsForUser()

Currently the methods getSessionsForUserName() and getSessionsForUser() from Report component interfaces -> UMC only return the active sessions of a user without providing session information for ARIS databases. Extend the functionality of thos...
Sebastian Huber over 2 years ago in Content Analysis & Reporting 0 Open for voting

Collaboration - add usergroup to collaboration group

Instead of only being able to add individual users to a collaboration group, it would be interesting to be able to add a usergroup. The relation should be dynamic meaning that adding or removing users from the usergroup is taken in account
Koen Maes over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 1 Open for voting

Process ownership tab

It is possible for a process owner to within seconds find and work with all processes relevant to him / her. E.g. a tab on the user's Connect home page with My processes.
Jesper Loell over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Step View - user defined symbols

By default user-defined symbols for object type function are displayed as start objects. Please add an additional element to decide which symbols should be shown by default. This will make configuration easier when dozens of user-defined symbols a...
Ingo Opetnik over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting