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PINNED Enable navigation on Diagram in new Factsheet
With the new factsheets a Diagram preview is available. Many users try to click the objects in the diagram preview in order to navigate. Instead the users will have to first go to the Diagram tab and then navigate. I would like to be able to navig...
PINNED AI/ML features integration
like clustering, outliers detection, key influencers, predictive results with classification algorithms this would support Root-Cause-Analysis

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Allow y-axis "sort by"when partitioning on bar charts

When we add a column to the "partition" configuration, the "sort by" option on the y-axis disappears. So if I for example want to show the sum of column A per column B in a barchart, split up by categories in column C, I cannot sort the column B v...
Aron van Stiphout about 2 years ago in Dashboarding 0 Will not implement

Modelling area of 25 square meters.

Themodelling area in the ARIS Desginer & Architect is limited in 25 square meters. However, many users need to model diagrams with larger extensions when it comes to end-to-end processes in bpmn notation. Therefore, it would be interesting to ...
Guest about 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Will not implement

Centralized way to change an SSL certificates

Dear all, After 10 attempts to change the SSL certificate for the customer Dutsche Post DHL, with support of Global Support and IDS Scheer, we managed to successfully exchange it. In total, we needed to apply changes in 5 different locations: Soft...
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement

No "Download Clients" tile when connect user has no Fat client licence

Provided an ARIS user has no licence for the ARIS fat client (ARIS architect), it would be good to not see the "Download Clients" tile on the connect entry page. Because offering a button which leads to no access will frustrate the customer.
Dietmar Durek over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 1 Will not implement

Predefine options for modelling for server

At the moment it is possible to define several options for Architect/Designer in options for existing or new models. It would be good if there was the possibility to set those options for the whole server for all users and therefore predefine thos...
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Will not implement

Add hints to a model from semantic check results for Architect / Designer

If you run a semantic check in Connect Designer and it detects an error at the model level (e.g. a mandatory attribute is not maintained), the semantic check places a hint a the top left of the model. This way the user can see that there was an er...
Sebastian Huber over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Will not implement

Offline AI-enabled translation service

At the moment I’m looking into the AI-enabled translation service that is implemented in ARIS 10 SR16. It seems that the possibilities that we can use (DeepL Translator, Google Cloud Translation and Azure Translator) needs to have a direct conn...
Janno Jekel over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 2 Will not implement

Adding the possibility to filter the Widget "Jump to PPM"

Hello, Our customer wish to jump from a widget to the PPM Favorite. Therefor please add the action Filter to the widget, so you can open the favorite in PPM including the filter values. Best Regards Daniel
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement

Currently spreadsheet models are not supported in Publisher.

Please support spreadsheet models in Publisher..
Dorit Mueller over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 1 Will not implement

no user necessary for scheduled reports

When running a scheduled report, an ARIS user is necessary. This should be changed. We don't need an ARIS user running a report. The customer underlined that - in analogy - in ALFABET there's no user necessary to run an ADIF job. Background: A2A i...
Dietmar Durek over 2 years ago in Content Analysis & Reporting 0 Will not implement