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How can we make ARIS better?

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Scripts & Macro version control

Hello Could you please consider introducing Script & Macro versioning control, including functions as follows: managing versions, capturing last change date&time, capturing last user, ability to integrate with modern third party version co...
Guest over 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Planned

ARIS Connect Model View Statistics

We would be really keen to understand which users are viewing which models in ARIS Connect, and when. Similarly we would like to see which models are being edited, by who and when. That way we could understand which are most viewed/least viewed mo...
Cameron Bradbury about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Planned

notification message for Admins when users/size limits are reached!

We have experienced issues when it comes to data events reaching the size limitation and therefore affecting the availability and performance of ARIS. this Idea is to give the possibility to customer to configure notifications settings in order to...
Rosa Vorzillo over 1 year ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Planned

Add the possibility to configure icons

When defining a page overview tab it is not possible to define the icons of a list. The results are sloppy pages in the browser that give complaints by the users.
Leon Van der Zanden about 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Planned