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PINNED Make all ADS document versions visible, more than one deletable at once
Currently, only the last 100 versions of a document are displayed in the ADS. We sometimes have more than 1000 versions of protocol documents. We would therefore like to be able to display all versions, 100 units are sufficient for each page. We w...
PINNED Spreadsheets - generate dashboard link
I really like the webbased spreadsheets in ARIS 10 SR24. Please also enable the generate dashboard link option via web similar to the option in ARIS Architect

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Process Explorer: Toggle to visualize full process, don't aggregate steps

Currently steps are visually aggregated within the process explorer app even if they occur more then once within a variant. If this occurs you will see loops/connections going back into the same step which as a result makes it very difficult/impos...
Roland van de Ruit over 1 year ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting

Change representation of free text fields

My colleagues who use ARIS connect would like to be more flexible regarding the usage of free text fields. One option is to allow sticky notes - another would be to use a different colour-coding for free text fields.
Veronika Ellermann over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Centrally manage ARIS client settings in the UMC

Currently a user's ARIS client settings are stored in the ARIS.cfg file and in the UMC. There is no proper way to access and manage these settings centrally. Extend the functionality of the UMC so user settings can be managed centrally, similar to...
Sebastian Huber over 2 years ago in Technical Administration 0 Open for voting

Keep users updated on new content

From both a user, manager and company perspective we would like to keep everyone updated when new content relevant to them is published. I would like to have a 'Notification center' where I can manage all notifications: Define list of criteria for...
Jesper Loell over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Tab "Last changes"

As far as I know the tab "Last changes" in Home of Connect cannot be changed. A customer would like to change Last changes (remove groups but add attributes like Version).
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Interface between User Management and identity mangement

An API interface (preferably SCIM interface) is required for synchronizing users ,usergroup and user/usergroup assignments between an identity management system and the ARIS UMC. This absolutely makes sens for Cloud customers without a secure VPN ...
Richard Verhoef over 2 years ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Open for voting

Calculate duration between given date and today's date

The automation (e.g. daily) for (re)calculation should include such use cases by default. Maybe a dedicated timespan calculation so that no further configuration is required (maybe filter on status) aside from specifying the start date. In additio...
Nicolas Ballarin almost 3 years ago in Process Mining 0 Planned

falls sich ein User anmeldet und keine Concurrent-User-Lizenz verfügbar ist lautet die Rückmeldung des Systems “Es ist kein Inhalt verfügbar. …”.

Kann die Inhalt dieser Fehlermeldung geändert werden, da die Fehlermeldung für diesen User irreführend ist?
Alfred Wieser about 1 year ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Export Search Results

It would be helpful to have an option to directly export the search results into an Excel or CSV file. Similar to the download details option in dashboards. Currently, there is no way to export you models/objects search results. There are only out...
Kavitha Pillai about 2 months ago in Publication & Collaboration 1 Open for voting

Event log - Enrich REMAP with agregation option

Use case: "REMAP ACT1 and ACT2 as ACT3" As of today > all sub activities and connections are considered (sum) in the grouped activity Feature > possibility for each information to define (or not) an aggregation > Activity freque...
Nicolas Ballarin about 2 months ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting