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PINNED [FIXED] How to: share your ideas
Here you find an overview of how to share ideas, vote, get updated on your ideas and the workflow until one idea becomes a feature and finally is released.
PINNED Use right-click -> open in new tab/window in ARIS Connect portal
Hello, This request is about being able to choose "open in new tab" / "open in new window" when doing a right click on a navigation link within the portal (in factsheet, catalog, search result,...) For example, from the overview page of a model, w...

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Share search

As an Admin I would like to be able to share a search globally to all users (e.g. in their saved search). Additionally, as a user/department head I would like to be able to share a search with my colleagues/department e.g. via a URL.
Jesper Loell 10 months ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Planned

Calendar overview of scheduled reports

To improve the overview of the scheduled reports, there should be an automatically generated monthly / weekly / daily overview. A Gantt chart with average runtimes as runtime lengths would be optimal. [in deutsch] Zur Verbesserung der Übersicht de...
Hubert Warsitz about 1 year ago in Content Analysis & Reporting 0 Open for voting

Single-click on object to navigate

For users that are not used to ARIS it is confusing that navigating to an assignment requires a double-click. From regular UX a single click triggers the navigation. A solution could be to have an info icon next to the object, like the assignment ...
Jesper Loell about 1 year ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Export of Dashboard graphics

At the moment it is possible to export the data of a dashboard as a CSV file. It would be good if it was possible to export the data and the dashboard graphic into e.g. an xls file, maybe using a report.
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl over 2 years ago in Dashboarding 1 Open for voting

Connect Designer - Select group for new assignments

Hello, by creating new assignments in ARIS Architect/Designer it's possible to select the group where the new model should be stored. However, in ARIS Connect Designer, it's not possible to select the group. Is this feature planned? Kind regards J...
Jerome Wittmann over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Visibilty of the Database

Currently the information in which database you find yourself in is too discrete. The Process Owners & Process Experts who are involved in the Process Review need to make sure they are in the modeling Database to approve the changes. Also it c...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Related models on model level

In ARIS Connect I would like to see at model level which other models are related to the model I'm looking at. When I open the details/properties-tab in Connect and click on 'More > Related models' I have to select an object first to see the mo...
Janno Jekel over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Print model with comments

The solution should allow a user to select comments in a model and print them out or export as a file. This would be used for Quality Assurance duringmodeling reviews. This is the practice in ING.
Arnout Westra over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Connect - enable initial column configuration for table based modelling

Instead of only being able to add/remove columns manually in the table based modelling screen, it would be great to be able to set a default or initial configuration of these columns for all ARIS Connect Designers.
Guest over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

AI/ML features integration

like clustering, outliers detection, key influencers, predictive results with classification algorithms this would support Root-Cause-Analysis
Julian Krumeich almost 3 years ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting