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Restore Object ARIS Defaults in Cloud

The ability for ARIS Cloud Designers to be able to reset object appearance settings to the ARIS Default in the modelling tab. Currently, this is only available via the download client within the properties menu of the object (see image).
Leanne Wotton 2 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Deaggregated Variant IDs

Currently, where there is looping or repetition in a process, ARIS will consolidate this looping when assigning a Variant ID, as long as the core sequence of events is not disrupted. Thus, the following FIVE discrete process activity sequences wil...
Paul Fenton 2 months ago in ARIS Process Mining SaaS /  Process Mining Platform 0 Future consideration

Share search

As an Admin I would like to be able to share a search globally to all users (e.g. in their saved search). Additionally, as a user/department head I would like to be able to share a search with my colleagues/department e.g. via a URL.
Jesper Loell 3 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Server/Enterprise Server 0 Planned

Page View Count: visitors and owners have the ability to see how many people have visited a page

Measure what you Manage: One of the main purposes of ARIS pages is to be read by users. The page view count is a simple indicator regarding the potential success (or failure) of an ARIS page. The page view counter is a standard feature of most CMS...
Klaus Dörner over 1 year ago in ARIS Basic & Advanced edition 1 Future consideration

Editing of Spreadsheets in Connect

Editing of spreadsheets should also be possible in Connect. The sole viewing functionality is frustrating for process managers who have a connect designer license.For administrative (administrator = Architect) purposes this functionality is not ne...
Veronika Ellermann almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Planned

Allow more image formats for tiles

In order to make an attractive landing page it would be beneficial to allow more formats than the 100KB PNG which is quite limited. SVG, JPG and webp are preferred.
Jesper Loell about 2 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Server/Enterprise Server 0 Future consideration

Send mass notifications to users

Currently there is no way to send mass notifications to UMC users from within ARIS. Add a functionality to the web interface so you can send mails to multiple UMC users at once. You should be able to enter the subject / content via the web interfa...
Sebastian Huber almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Activation / deactivation of scheduled reports

We use numerous scheduled reports to process the process management (approvals, merge processes, versioning processes, archiving processes, rollouts, monitoring evaluations, etc.) in a largely automated manner. For release changes, installation of...
Hubert Warsitz 6 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Future consideration

API for report / macro scripts to send E-Mails

Currently it is only possible to send E-Mails via report and macro scripts if one writes their own code, for example using Java Mail. Provide a simple API for report and macro scripts to acces the E-Mail functionality of a Design / Connect server....
Sebastian Huber almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Incremental backup for ADS and ARIS

We have a lot of documents in ADS and also a lot of processes in ARIS. A full tenant backup is created daily to secure the data. The backup runtime has reached almost 24 hours in the meantime. Several hundred thousand documents and processes are b...
Hubert Warsitz 4 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Server/Enterprise Server 0 Future consideration